KarateTraining.org Forum goes Live!

Sensei Post in Site_News,

Get Your $5.00 Coupon Incentive!!Visit the Forum today, setup an account and start a discussion! Yes we know there are plenty of discussion forums online but ours is different! KarateTraining.org is going to be implementing a rewards system for top posters, best topics, random member picks and more! Rewards System you ask?! Well we figure Visa has them, the airlines have them, why shouldn’t we! Oh, you wanted to know what the rewards will be?! Sorry those details are being worked out, but some rewards may be retroactive! But for right now we have been authorized to issue a $5.00 KarateTraining.org Store coupon to the next 20 users that register and post something intelligent, that’s to rule out the “Karate Kid has been here” posts! πŸ˜‰ What other Karate Forum is going to give you a deal like that!? So don’t just sit there…go get Registered, post today and roll in the green paper we call dough tomorrow! All coupon awards are at the discretion of the KarateTraining.org management.

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