Bad news… Rhode Island, USA 0 … Russian Hackers 53,000

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Hackers steal credit card info from Rhode Island Website. Russian hackers broke into a Rhode Island government Website and allegedly stole credit card data from individuals who have done business online with state agencies. The Providence Journal reports that the hackers boasted two weeks ago on a Russianlanguage Website that they broke into the government Website and stole credit card information for as many as 53,000 transactions. State officials said the Website was breached Wednesday, December 28, 2005. The site is managed by New England Interactive, which that manages 17 other state portals. Renee Loring, a spokesperson for the Website, confirmed that a server database was breached and encrypted credit card information was obtained. The company is working with law enforcement officials to resolve the matter. Internal and external security audits were conducted with a thirdparty provider since the incident. The Russian Website displayed images of how the hackers were breaking into the state portal. According to the newspaper, the final image shows “a list of 38 credit card accounts the hackers claim to have stolen…Part of the screen is blocked by a black rectangle emblazoned ‘CENSORED’ in white letters in English. The rectangle covers part of the credit card number, but some digits are not hidden.”
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To Funny to Pass up!

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Karate Bird
I had to post this…from WELLINGTON, New Zealand
Organizers of a vintage car rally reportedly have hired karate experts to protect the vehicles from marauding native parrots. About 40 members of a local karate club have been enlisted to protect the 140 classic cars due to visit an alpine village near Mt. Cook on New Zealand’s South Island on Sunday, the New Zealand Press Association reported Friday. Local wildlife ranger Ray Bellringer said the karate experts were unlikely to deter the Keas. “They will fly around and laugh,” he said.
I hear the birds are sending in their best parrots!?! Shouldn’t they be using experts in the crane style?! The kicks will be flying high at this event…o.k., o.k., enough with the bad jokes! If anyone should happen to get pictures of this please send them in!

Contributions Sought

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The first month of the new year is behind us with much success. is taking shape and maturing rapidly. Our site traffic is increasing daily and spreading internationally! This Blog is gaining exposure which in itself is rewarding, the number of comments being made is increasing and I hope that continues. As we move through this year I am hoping to pick up some contributing bloggers πŸ˜‰ If you are interested please drop me a note or better yet send me a sample. Thank you for making a growing success.

Religion is a way of walking, not a way of talking.

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Dean William R. Inge

Is it a Family Thing?

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So it’s Saturday and I decided to do talk about something different…Nicole Saba. Now chances are that you have no idea who Nicole Saba is, honestly neither did I until a random search on my surname, Saba. But the more I read the more interested I became, especially since there is a remote chance we could be related. So who is Nicole Saba?Nicole Saba is a very talented Lebanese singer and actress. Her most recent album was released in 2004 and has been well received. While I have not found an English version of the album the single I heard, Bahebak Awy, was great and would easily suggest everyone take a listen. While her work seems to only be for sale in Arab nations I bet an English version would do well here in the West. Most recently, in November of 2005, Nicole performed with the rock band Scorpions while on tour in Doha, Qatar. Nicole’s performance before the 4,000 people in attendance from around the region was described as spectacular! Nicole has expressed her honor to take part in such an event, which she considers a chance of a lifetime, especially the fact that she sang with such a popular band. Nicole was scheduled to accompany them on their tour for three more stops and perform a duet with the band.

As an actress her career is short but distinguished with a 2003 release of a very successful film β€œAl Tajruba Al Denmarkia” (A Dutch Experience). Nicole is looking to expand her film audience beyond the Arab nations and is rumored to be in talks to co-star along side well know American actress, Demi Moore. Nicole confirmed this rumor but stated that the project has been slightly postponed due to the current conditions in Lebanon. In the mean time she has been cast on a few popular Arab Television shows. Most of her career activity is centered in Egypt which prompted her to shift her career to Cairo. The singer bought an apartment in Al Maadi district, and plans to reside there with her mother on a permanent basis. Nicole noted she will occasionally visit Beirut but feels living in Egypt is more suitable for her career, since most of her recording takes place in Cairo along with her numerous roles in different Egyptian movies.

Now much of the information available about Nicole is in the form of press releases so it doesn’t go very deep. However what I did find indicates that Nicole has not had an easy road to success. Referring to some recent contract issues she is facing one article states “Despite the difficulties Nicole encountered at the beginning of her career, she has overcome the obstacles and risen to the top.”. Also in January her former Manager filed charges against her which could bar her from performing in Egypt, where she now lives. But if she is a Saba she will fight on and eventually prevail! To often people only remember the successes of celebrities and forget the problems and challenges they faced on their way to success. We must not forget this lesson because those who fail to handle the challenges are never remembered and there in lies the lesson. Be strong with a Budo (justice) spirit and never give up. I am sure Nicole will prevail become more successful because of her experiences, positive and negative.

So who is Nicole Saba? She sounds like someone who knows what she wants and who has overcome many obstacles, a very dynamic woman! The more I read about Nicole the more I think we probably share some ancestral blood-line, we are both very motivated and have overcome numerous obstacles to get where we are… I seriously doubt we are related but it would be kind of neat if we are! Well Nicole Saba, if you are reading this thank you for the great song and hopefully we will hear or see more of you in the West. And if you make it to America, please feel free to stop by for dinner with me and my family! Either way I have sent Nicole a message and hope to hear from her soon. Until then let’s all wish her the best in life and career…after all her and I could be related!

Super Bowl Action with Jackie Chan!

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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s new TV ad for Diet Pepsi will debut during the Super Bowl broadcast this Sunday – a coveted time slot because of its high ratings – the action star’s website has announced. The 30-second ad Stunt Can, shot in Los Angeles in August, features Chan filming an action movie with a Diet Pepsi can, according to a news report from the website of Adweek magazine posted on Chan’s official website. Actor/Comedian Jay Mohr, who played a sports agent in the movie Jerry Maguire, plays the can’s agent, the report said. He reportedly insists his client gets a stunt double. The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game (for those who were not sure!).

We can’t wait to see the commercial! Being huge fans of ALL of Jackie Chan work it is always pleasing to see him get so much exposure. It will be fun to see Jay Mohr working with Jackie Chan! While everyone knows about Jackie Chans movies not many know of his charity work! From being the Ambassador of World Smile Day to working for numerous charities around the world, to running his own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. Good work Jackie Chan and thank you from everyone here at for everything you do to make the World a better place!

Controlling your survival urges!

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Thirst Increases Pain! A study has shown that going without a drink can make you more sensitive to pain. Australian pain expert Dr Michael Farrell of the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne and team report their findings in today’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
What is more impressive is the greater understanding these scientists are gaining about our ability to control our survival urges relating to pain and thirst. Discovering how our brains prioritize pain and thirst in order to survive will help us understand why some of us have higher tolerance for these high stress conditions. This is the same mechanism that helps elite athletes to ‘push through the pain barrier’ to achieve their goals. In the Martial Arts we learn to control our bodies and then our minds. This research illustrates the impact our environment can have on our ability to maintain that control. From the results of this study it appears that what we learn as Martial Artists is really how to re-prioritize our survival urges thereby achieving what appear to be super-human feats (in some cases!).
“Depending on internal demands being placed on the body, the brain needs to decide which demand is more important to respond to in order to survive,” he said. “Many elite athletes have an ability to balance their priority switch longer than most people so they can push through normal thresholds of pain and thirst whilst competing.” “But when the internal demands become extreme and the body’s physiology is too perturbed, the brain will tell the body ‘enough is enough,'” Dr Farrell said. Basically we all have limits and becoming an elite athlete in any sport means you have to learn were your boundaries. Once you know your boundaries you can begin to press past them and like a good stretch increase the range of your reach. But there is no reason to handicap yourself with stresses that can be avoided, why trigger a survival urge if it can be avoided? So drink some water before your next training session or sparring match. You might be surprised and find you can go a little longer and further than you thought!
[ Source 1, Source 2 ]

January was a busy Month!

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The Martial Arts Talk blog (you’re reading it;) is getting busy! For the Month of January we saw 440 unique visitors from 25 different Countries and and 21 American States! Hopefully many of you are staying up to date with Martial Arts Talk using our available RSS Feed. The rest of is taking shape as well with over 7000 visitors to our near-wholesale storefront where we offer the best prices on Martial Arts, Fitness and Clothing available on the Internet. Our online Gallery has more additions and we are looking for you to send us pictures from this years competitions! Many other features and benefits will be introduced as 2006 progresses. Thank you for your patronage and please let us know how we can improve this site for you.

A Quote from Fredrich Nietzshe

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In the end one only experiences oneself.