Actor Jet Li sued over Fearless

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Action star Jet Li has been sued for his new movie about a late Chinese kung fu master. The late master’s relatives say it dishonors and misrepresents his life. Jet Li’s name has been added to a March 7 lawsuit, filed by Huo Yuanjia’s grandson (Huo Shoujin), against producers and distributors of the movie “Fearless” because he “not only played the lead role but participated in the making and production of the movie”. Huo Shoujin does not want the movie to be released worldwide. Huo Shoujin also wants the film to be pulled from theaters in Asia and is demanding a public apology from the filmmakers.
Jet Li has been quoted in the Chinese media saying that his role was an “homage” to the kung fu master. “Fearless” traces Huo’s evolution from a vain fighter keen on total domination to one who uses fighting as a means of self-betterment. Huo Shoujin has claimed the film contains numerous fabrications about his grandfather’s life and besmirches his reputation. In the movie, Huo has no descendants but in actuality had seven grandsons and 11 great-grandchildren. The family was also unhappy that Huo was portrayed as a wealthy man with servants when he actually had a working-class background. The film has already been released in China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, according to Li’s official Web site. It is scheduled to debut later this year in France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

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