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One of the things that is true about most of us is that our thinking is linear. We start here, we end there. Time lines, graphs , charts, lifetimes. Things have a begining and an end. I read somewhere that a problem with the Hubble space telescope (what a fingerprint on the lens? I’m not sure) allowed space physicists around the world to make requests for data that the telescope COULD gather (which was diffrent from what it was intended to gather? I guess?) that allowed them to pinpoint, within a decimal point and an amazing amount of zeros, the begining of the universe. Thus proving The Big Bang Theory and Genesus in one fell swoop. Wow a begining. and, If we extrapolate that into the future, an eventual end. Ok. Linear. Good to go.
My favorite song from Dinsey’s Lion King is “The CIrcle of Life”. Uh oh. Non linear thinking. what’s up with that? Well, I believe stuff isn’t really linear at all it’s circular (elliptical actually. I think) Eienstien suggested that if you left a point and traveled in a straight line from that point you would eventually come back to that point from the other side.(I’ve known some people who argue like that). That’s pretty much a circle by anyone’s definition (more correctly an ellipse I think, certainly not a pure circle, but then I’m no mathematician).
My point is: no we are not there yet and we never will be so shut up and enjoy the ride. “what does that have to do with anything? ” you ask. (I certainly do, just where the heck are we going with this?) Well it has to do with our expectations. Once again the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. A result. An end. Most of us know someone whose lives “peaked” , ended really, in high school and they’ve just been running in place ever since. Their “victories” lived and relived again and again till the grandkids get tired of hearing about it and disapear into their Ipods. But for most uf us life just continues to be a revisiting of similar challenges but with (hopefully) different results, that is if we’ve continued to grow and evolve and get on with stuff. A re-cycling (or re-ellipsing) of stuff so that maybe we get it righter (certainly never right) every time we go through.
I”ve been thinking about this because of my seemingly endless battle with this cancer thing that I’ve been harping on in these blogs I’ve been writing and I find myself wondering “when will it end?”. (How will it end is more important I think. The “when” I don’t think I want to know unless it’s like 50 years from now), I’ve managed to be a bit of a coward and not go in for my latest blood test (although I’m going to suck it up and go this wednesday) because I didn’t really want to know. That’s linear thinking at it’s finest (if it’s this then that must mean this and then bla bla bla to the end). But the truth is that everyday is a chance to start over again and cycle through the stuff and get it righter this time so that tomorrow I can start all over again.
Thus continually circling and circling like a Hawk above a Hare. Only the Hare isn’t the goal. The goal is to keep on circling. No line, no end point, no real objective (oh boy, We western, goal oriented, management by objective, carrot and the stick, linear thinkers really have a problem with that) except to just keep circling, cycling and ellipsing for………ever, thank you very much.
It has occured to me that the secret to eternal life is to wake up in the morning. E v e r y morning. To not look to the future but to look at the present, to not look up and out but to look down at your feet where you may be stumbling over treasure, to listen to the beat of your heart as proof of life and to continue without fail to breathe in and out. Mostly though I just want to keep to the circle, keep to the cycle and keep it elliptical because that’s what’s keepin it real.
(I applogise to all those English majors out there who had some trouble with my use of righter rather than more right [hey, It’s my post , I get to make the rules] and any misspellings. Spelling is highly overated and is like Math skills just a way for prissy little prims to show off. I also credit the Tao Te Ching for the metaphysics and my own sense of the absurd for the point of view)

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