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Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Security vendor Sunbelt Software detected the site Tuesday, March 21, and reported it to eBay, which worked with the local ISP to have it taken offline. The site probably collected the information through phishing attacks or a Trojan horse virus that plants keylogging software on users’ PCs, said Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt. Source.
It’s a whole new world, and the cold war seems to be heating up again. This time though it isn’t governments fighting but hackers (in sympathetic countries) and corporations and individuals that are waging war. Some old Russia/Eastern Block countries and China are quickly becoming the biggest threat to the western world. We have our share of ‘Western” hackers but some of the most damaging and ruthless phishing and hacking operations are coming from the east. In a recent case a Russian web site was offering eBay account information for as little as $5.00!! Prices ranged from $5 to $25 per account. Luckily eBay was able to get the web site shut down. The web site was offering to sell stolen customer account information and a handful of payPal accounts. Armed with these false customer accounts, a scammer/hacker could easily post items for sale, collect payments, and then never deliver the goods.
But remember only the web site was shut down, the hackers that were running the site still have all of the information and they are looking for a buyer…Even more so then in the physical world we have to be careful to protect ourselves, be diligent and aware of our surroundings. Like old credit cards online accounts that you don’t use or haven’t used in some time should be deleted to reduce your exposure to identity theft.

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