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Enlightenment Master 2020 Remote
In days of old it took the better part of a lifetime to attain Enlightenment. Many a wary days were spent in silent contemplation and introspection. Impossible tasks were under taken to test the limits of the spirit and weaken your ego-centric will. Even then Enlightenment was not guaranteed, no you could spend your entire life and never realize enlightenment, and that’s if you stayed healthy enough to live that long which was unlikely since you spend most of your time sitting on cold stones and toiling barefoot in the hot sun! Say goodbye to those days! Welcome the age of technology where Enlightenment is just a button push away!! The Enlightenment Master 2020 remote makes this the new Lazy Man’s guide to Enlightenment revolutionizing the way the world works!! No more stupid disputes about who saw the parking space first during the Holiday rush! Just point and push the appropriate button and the dispute is put into the correct perspective for all involved. Is a friend having a bad day? Use the remote to bump up their positive Karma. An annoying co-worker won’t stop bothering you? Use the Enlightenment Master 2020 to drop their Karma and Life points sending them home sick for the day! There is no limit to the uses you will find for the Enlightenment Master 2020 remote! Get your today…coming soon to the KarateTraining.org Store!!
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