scam artists

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This is shocking news! Scam artists are flocking to, stop the press! It is amazing, that it is amazing to people that con-people, scam artists, thefts, perverts and other unsavory types are drawn to a large group of people, better known in to them as a target rich environment! MySpace currently claims 63 million users, making it the second most visited domain behind Yahoo. What is interesting about this story is their use of the technology. These scammers (criminals) are luring some users to fake MySpace sites that capture their user name and password. Now these same users are silly enough to use the same user name and password they use on their corporate networks and accounts…yes you read right…if you are realizing you do this, please stop! One very legitimate concern on a site like MySpace is the ability of scammers to put links to nasties that unleash viruses, worms and Trojan horses. In addition, there are now phishing attacks from people posting links to false sites set up by online criminals using MySpace as the conduit. While MySpace isn’t inherently bad you still need to be careful. And all kidding aside…be careful out there…

A lesson for sparring

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In baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse.
This is especially true when sparring. When we spar often we leave an false opening to draw our opponent in but often we are to eager and bait the trap with to much “cheese”. Often when this happens we loose sight of everything else feeling that our trap is perfect. Unfortunately to often this is not the case and our efforts fail. In our zeal we sometimes feel we have thought of every possibility only to find out we were wrong. A good tool to help thwart this problem is to play chess, yes chess! After all sparring is really a very fast game of chess.

No karate chopping-clergy!

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The Church of England is seeking help for it’s battered clergy. A recent survey of 80 clergy showed that 48% had some form of violent experience in the past year within the Diocese of London. Enter former policeman, Nick Tolson who coordinates the National Church watch organization. The diocese may adopt the program within the next three years, however the program will not focus on teaching the clergy to engage in violence. The program will focus on “self rescue” techniques to help the clergy either avoid danger or ro run away from it. Mr Tolson was quoted as saying “We won’t be teaching self-defence moves, it’s not going to be a case of karate chopping-clergy!” To bad I would have liked to see or read about that!! Read the whole account here.

Meditation Point #12

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Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.

— Claude Bernard


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No Division will have more than 4 competitors. Each Division will be determined by pairing competitors of relative age, weight, sex and rank. No competitor will be forced to compete against persons they feel are above or below their physical abilities.
We’re not sure how big of an event this is given the Division restrictions, if anyone has attended this or plans to please post a comment and tell us more about it.

A Fast Track to Enlightenment!

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Enlightenment Master 2020 Remote
In days of old it took the better part of a lifetime to attain Enlightenment. Many a wary days were spent in silent contemplation and introspection. Impossible tasks were under taken to test the limits of the spirit and weaken your ego-centric will. Even then Enlightenment was not guaranteed, no you could spend your entire life and never realize enlightenment, and that’s if you stayed healthy enough to live that long which was unlikely since you spend most of your time sitting on cold stones and toiling barefoot in the hot sun! Say goodbye to those days! Welcome the age of technology where Enlightenment is just a button push away!! The Enlightenment Master 2020 remote makes this the new Lazy Man’s guide to Enlightenment revolutionizing the way the world works!! No more stupid disputes about who saw the parking space first during the Holiday rush! Just point and push the appropriate button and the dispute is put into the correct perspective for all involved. Is a friend having a bad day? Use the remote to bump up their positive Karma. An annoying co-worker won’t stop bothering you? Use the Enlightenment Master 2020 to drop their Karma and Life points sending them home sick for the day! There is no limit to the uses you will find for the Enlightenment Master 2020 remote! Get your today…coming soon to the Store!!
Thanks to the user who sent this in, next time let us know who you are!!

Meditation Point #11

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The True Warrior

A true warrior is always armed with the three things:
the radiant sword of pacification;
the mirror of bravery, wisdom, and friendship; and,
the precious jewel of enlightenment

NEW!! – The Chuck Norris Remote

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This just in! is proud to announce the addition of this great new product in our store!The Chuck Norris Remote The Chuck Norris Remote! With the Chuck Norris remote you no longer have to train so hard to protect yourself. Forget those endless hours of training and go to a movie! Don’t worry about staying in shape, have that extra helping of pie, you’ve got the Chuck Norris remote to keep you safe.

Some customer comments include “Truely Amazing”, “How did I get by without this”, “Where was this remote when I was getting bullied in grade school!” and the list goes on and on. This amazing device has three primary channels, ‘Roundhouse kick’, (normally sufficient for most attackers), ‘Break Face’ (for those who deserve it) and be careful with this one… ‘Destroy all Life’ (be sure to take cover). The programmable menu allows for hundreds of other possible uses. So what are you waiting for!?! Get yours today!
Disclaimer: No guarantees are provided with this remote, frequency interference and distance can limit its use, not responsible for the actions of Chuck Norris, user assumes all liability, batteries not included, Chuck Norris not included

Paid to Post!! Get $5.00 for posting

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The further along we get with the site development the more contests, promotions and giveaways we plan to run! So help make the best martial arts site on the Internet for Martial Arts supplies, information and resources. So JOIN TODAY and post to the forum!!

Mother of All Sins

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We are very pleased to introduce Michelle Phan A.K.A. Ninja Assassin as a guest blogger. We will be featuring some of Michelle’s writing here and hopefully some more of her artwork!!

Reflected Whispers by Michelle Phan It is the Mother of all sins because it was the first sin committed; the sin of Lucifer. ‘Twas the root of the Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve. The summit of self-love and the interference with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God is the reason why it is the greastest sin of all. The sin most despised by God, and the one He punishes most severely: Pride, or vanity, is the excessive belief in one’s own worth.

There is pride in all of us, in that we are all too proud of something. People suffer as a result of pride. Unresolved are global issues like hunger and poverty, because men are endlessly pursuing glory and conquest; endlessly pursuing to become greater than other men.

Is it one’s income, talent, class or beauty that judges a person’s worth? We may have different attributes and talents, but when it comes to God, He will not judge you by your income or talent or beauty or class. The most extravagant women and men will leave this world as do the most hurting. We all leave this world without a dime, judging is irrelevant. Nothing matters, ultimately, but the purity that is the soul.

Pride can cloud your beliefs and judgements. Embrace the world in a different perspective, do not let pride deprive you of wisdom. Set it aside and cure yourself of stubbornness and envy; open your eyes to the perspectives of those around you, then much will be resolved.