A Small Club Scores Big!

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Mildenhall Tang So Do ClubMembers of Mildenhall Tang So Do Club competed at the junior and senior national championships, held in Dagenham. Twelve students took part in the competition and, from an overall field of 500 competitors, nine returned home with trophies. Mildenhall club instructor Ben Harper won the grand champion award following firsts in forms, weapons and sparring.

Results: Emma Wallace, third in forms, third in sparring; Matthew Wallace, first in weapons, first in forms; Jonathan Spizick, second in weapons, second in forms, third in sparring; Luke Stokes, second in weapons, first in forms; Ainsley James, third in forms; Natalie Olsen, second in forms; Lynne Glennon, second in forms, second in sparring; Rheanna Glennon, third in forms; Ashley Robertson first in team forms. Matthew James, Karl Olsen and Paula Olsen also competed in the event and gained valuable experience.

Mildenhall Tang So Do meets on Monday at Beck Row Community Centre between 7pm and 8.30pm and on Thursday at the Dome Leisure Centre, in Mildenhall, between 7.15pm and 8.45pm.

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