Seeking favor through goodwill…

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Japan has invited eight members of the Iraqi Karate Federation and its Al-Muthanna branch on May 28 to June 7, intending to strengthen goodwill toward Japan in Iraq through sports. During their stay, the visitors, with the cooperation of the Japan Karatedo Federation, the Japan Defense Agency (JDA) and others will pay courtesy calls to government officials and tour Tokyo; participate in training at universities in Tokyo, and; the Physical Training School of the Self Defense Forces (SDF) and give karate demonstrations at the 45th All SDF Karate Championship. According to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “This project is being implemented at a time when there is increasing interest in karate in Iraq, mainly in Samawah, thanks to the interchange between the Ground Self Defense Force units dispatched to Iraq and karate players in Al-Muthanna, as well as through efforts by the Japanese side, including the provision of karate equipment by the Japan Karatedo Federation“. The Japanese government expects this visit to enhance friendly relations with Iraq and Iraqis’ understanding toward Japan will be deepened through the spirit of martial arts of karate, Japanese traditional sport. While I think this is a good program that will benefit the Iraqis I doubt it will create much good wll with anyone other then the eight participants and a few of their friends and family!

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