Be Aware at all times…

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Police in Montreal have arrested nine people that allegedly used rigged payment terminals to skim debit cards and steal customer’s PINs. The gang is thought to have stolen millions of dollars from 18,000 customer bank accounts. The criminals targeted convenience stores and petrol stations and bribed shop staff to install fake payment terminals which skimmed debit cards and recorded PINs. Local press reports say the gang included a call center employee who worked for a subcontractor to French bank Mouvements Desjardins and is alleged to have sold customer data to the scammers, such as dates of births. Source
Here is a perfect example of how even when we do all the right things we can still fall victim to crime. Even someone highly aware would have a difficult time protecting themselves against this identity attack. When criminals have insider support for a crime like this you might as well walk into a carefully planned ambush! All you can do is hope to recover well. Don’t forget to check your statements and bills every month for unusual or unknown entries, even small ones!! Good luck out there…

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