Meditation Point #34

Sensei Post in A Zen Thing, Quotes

On the day you are born, you begin to die. Do not waste a single moment more.
— Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

This is not meant as a justification to rush through your life focused only on your goals or perceived purpose as many might take it. We’ve all met people like that, to busy for anyone. No this is really saying cherish each moment…stop and smell the roses. But most of all don’t waste you life on petty, meaningless things. Meaningless can mean different things to different people however that doesn’t mean you are correct! …what?! We like to fool ourselves, we like to wrap ourselves in the blanket of our ego so we can feel important that our life means something or so that we feel like part of something. News flash…no matter how good you are, you’re replaceable. Be true to yourself and start by improving life with a smile and a kind word, the rest will follow. And remember we don’t have to be ‘part of something’ to give life meaning…we are all part of something great already…life and the human race!

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