Monkey Steals the Peach?!?

Sensei Post in Training notes,

Not sure that is what I would name this move but hey! Who am I to question the name?!
Monkey Steals the Peach...
Monkey Steals the Peach explanation!
So there you have it! I especially like the “swinging arms like windmills to distract the enemy“! Pardon me but if you walk around in a Ninja uniform with the hood on, aren’t you the enemy?! Just an observation.
Regardless this is an ok move a friend sent me that I thought I would share. A much more effective move is to drop into a straddle stance and execute a quick thrust to the groin. This is much faster and harder to defend against (if you are stupid enough to stand exposed) AND no windmilling is required! πŸ™‚

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