Making time…

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So many of us forget to make time for the little things…like ourselves! Exercise is often one of the first things people set aside when time is short, it should be the last thing people abandon!! Exercise even in small doses can improve our mental capacities in addition to our quality of life. One of the best training books I’ve read suggests small workouts throughout the entire day. A few pushups here, a few lunges there, this type of slow training will increase your bodies overall endurance if you keep it up and continue to challenge yourself with harder exercises. Start with pushups, situps or lunges. Most of these can be done in almost any setting, an empty conference room is always a good spot to take a few minute break and challenge yourself. Try it today and before you know it you’ll be on the road to better health!

When will we learn…

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THOUSANDS of customers may be at risk for identity theft after a laptop computer containing their credit card information was stolen from an auditor, a company spokesman said. The password-protected laptop belonging to an Ernst & Young auditor was taken in late February from a locked car, said Paul Kranhold, spokesman for, a subsidiary of based in Bellevue, Washington. And we are just hearing about it NOW!! “As a result of our ongoing communication with law enforcement, we don’t have any indication that any credit card numbers have been used for fraudulent activity,” Kranhold said on Saturday. “It appears the laptop was not the target of the break-in.” Well that is a relief! That makes a nice cover to distract us from asking why…WHY would sensitve data be stored on a very mobile device?
Both and Ernst & Young mailed letters to customers this past week (roughly 3 months after the information went missing) encouraging them to take appropriate action to protect their personal information. The transactions recorded on the laptop were mostly from 2004, although some were from 2003 or 2002, the companies said. The computer contained personal information including names, addresses and credit card information of about 243,000 customers. Ernst & Young, which has been the outside auditor for for several years, notified the company of the security breach on May 3.
“We deeply regret this incident has occurred and want to apologize to you and for any inconvenience or concern this may cause,” said the unsigned memo from Ernst & Young dated May 2006. Ernst & Young invites those affected by the incident to enroll in a free credit monitoring service arranged by the auditor. So we can’t trust them to keep our data secure…but we can trust them to arrange to “monitor” our credit for us! So I wonder if Ernst & Young are still the auditors for

Meditation Point #27

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Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy!
— Thich Nhat Hahn

We can extend this saying, Sometimes someone elses smile is the source of your joy,
but sometimes your smile is the source of someone else’s joy!
…Remember this as you greet others today and always.

Crazy Month…

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Well I have a few articles in the works but life keeps getting in the way! If anyone is interested in guest blogging on this site that is always welcome. We have three guest bloggers who post every month of so now but the more involvement we get, the more perspectives we gain and the more intersting this site will be. So if you are one of the regular readers (and there are quiet a few of you πŸ™‚ ) feel free to drop me a note or a comment so you can guest write also!

Meditation Point #26

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Nothing is worth more than this day.
— Goethe

It is hard to argue with this even though we often get caught up in problems of the past or hopes and fears of the future. In the Martial Arts our training should help us to live in the moment, to enjoy and savor each second. As we train we should learn to absorb every facet of the moment, in doing this we increase our situational awareness and there is little time for thoughts of the past or future!

A word from Bruce…

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Bruce Lee
Can’t add much to that!