Acrobatic Martial Arts Moves…

Sensei Post in Training notes

Here is a video I came across that makes Jackie Chan look slow!

Did you notice how close the jumper came to missing the roof? Check the video at 2:08 (time) and you’ll see he cleared the ledge by less then a foot to spare! And I didn’t see a safety net below him… Is all this jumping and twirling useful in the Martial Arts? Is it truely necessary? Well if you are in the situation portrayed in this next video I think the answer is yes! See what you think…

Before you try any of these moves remember how many pads were used in the first video to keep the practitioners safe, these moves are as dangerous to use as they are fun to watch. So please don’t try any roof jumping unless you are a trained professional with all the necessary safety props…unless there are 20 armed men chasing and you don’t have a shirt on!!

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