Superman pushups!

Sensei Post in Training notes
Everyone knows that pushups are an essential part of your training program (or they should be). Here is a pushup that directly benefits martial artists.

    The Superman pushup is done with a closed fist and your knuckles against the ground (mid-thrust postion). From this position do the following:

  1. Perform a Knuckle push-ups, push yourself up (regular pushup technique)
  2. Retract one arm and punch the ground with one arm
  3. Repeat with the other arm.
  4. go back down (that’s 1!) now repeat for 2.

We suggest you do this on a mat or soft surface (bed, thick carpeting, etc) in case you fall during the punch, plus using mats you can really punch with all your force for full effect. If you have difficulty doing these start slowly. First start by only doing knuckle pushups, once you are comfortable with that (about a week) try picking one arm slightly off the floor, then the other. Within a few weeks you should be able to perform a complete superman pushup. Good luck!

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