Triple Crown winner at Sarasota Competition

Sensei Post in Competition

16 year old c began taking tae kwon do lessons three years ago after she saw the sport on TV. She figured it would be good to learn how to defend herself. Rachael was recently crowned the American Tae Kwon Do Association’s (ATA) Triple Crown Florida State Champion!! The 16-year-old was the points leader in all three competitive forms of tae kwon do — sparring, weapons and form — as she became the first girl from Sarasota to ever win a Triple Crown. This past year, Rachael has earned 33 trophies and medals from 11 different tournaments. She’s traveled as far as Las Vegas for the ATA Spring National Tournament and has also visited Georgia twice. Rachael is currently the top-ranked girl in the state in the 13-16-year-old age division of the ATA.
The best quote from this article though is this: “When I first started tae kwon do, I was afraid to hit people, but with more practice, I learned how to control my power,” Rachael said. “The most unique thing about this sport is being able to discover your potential and your inner strength.” Thanks Rachel for your commitment to excellence!

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