Meditation Point #49

Sensei Post in A Zen Thing, Quotes

Men cannot see their reflection in running water, but only in still water.

Most people will need to think about this one for a second… Contemplation is not a group activity. Contemplation can only occur in the silence of your own mind. Reflection is good, silence is good. Many people shun being alone. I don’t mean alone with no other people, I mean alone AND quiet. A good exercise is to place a hard backed chair in the center of a room and sit quietly with your eyes closed. Notice how long it takes before your mind begins to distract you. Yes, distract you! Your ego is afraid of the silence and wants to keep you distracted…so do your demons. The more you work at this exercise the more aware you will become and as such the longer you will be able to sit in silent contemplation. Think this is easy? Remember the last time you were waiting in the Doctors office, a fairly sterile room. How long did it take before you were pacing, or moving around, or sleeping? Anything but sitting wuietly and enjoying the company of your peaceful mind. Try it, you might learn something!

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