Jackie Chan’s secret past

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Many will think Jackie Chan’s reputation is now tarnished but I for one have to give him credit for his honesty and even more so for the accomplishments of his life! Why do I say this? Because Jackie Chan gave an interview which seems more like a movie script, than a real life story, revealing some closely kept secrets about his parents and his past life experiences. The martial-arts star had always thought that he didn’t have any siblings, until one day when his father told him that he has two sisters and two brothers. He revealed that his parents were very poor and both had lost their spouses during a war before they met each other. They fell in love with each other when his mother, who was an opium supplier was caught by his father who was a customs police officer. At the time of the incident his mother had two daughters and his father had two sons.
Jackie Chan also said that Fang Shilong was his real name and his father changed their surname to “Chan” because he didn`t want to reveal their real surname while they were fleeing the poor situation. Chan said he was about 6 years old when his parents went to Australia to earn money. This is when he picked up some bad habits without his parents care, like fighting, selling drugs, racing and theft. “When I was 16, my father said he could not longer instruct me because I had already grown up, but he made me promise him three things: not to enter the underworld, not to take drugs and not to gamble. I promised him even though I was doing those things at that time,” Chan was quoted as saying. Jackie Chan claims he mended his ways after seeing the fate of two of his friends, one who ended up in prison and the other who died. I think given his life work we can believe him!
OSU! Jackie Chan for being honest and forthright.

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