Meditation Point #54

Sensei Post in A Zen Thing, Quotes

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
William Blake

This is something I tell my students all the time, though I say it differently. Life is about perspective, primarily other people perspective. Most people only understand their own world and this is simple and easy, it is comfortable. By only considering things from my perspective I can pass judgement on everyone around me, scoff at the homeless, belittle the drug addict, frown at the parents of unruly children. It is all so easy to do. I a conflict I need not concern myself with why my aggressor is upset or aggressive, it’s not my problem. But what if I make it my problem? Not in an earthly crunchy, we should all love one another way, not at all! But in a quest for understanding. If I can gain the perspective of my adversary I may just be able to avert a conflict and in the process gain an ally. So the next time you see something or some situation, try to see it from another perspective, I think you will be surprised by what you see. The alternative is to remain the fool.

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