Meditation Point #60

Sensei Post in A Zen Thing, Quotes,

Life is something that has to be lived and not talked about.
Carl Gustav Jung

This seems obvious but most people have a hard time with this one. Even those of us who live life often get into a rut of talking instead of doing. In today’s technology/media age it is even easier to do nothing and feel like we are doing something. It is so easy that most of us have forgotten what it is to do instead of talk about living. Now this draws into question what I am doing right now! But I firmly believe technology used as a tool or for enrichment can be a good thing. Unfortunately to often we find ourselves caught in the information which stops us from doing the living part. So I would extend Jung’s observation to include online zoning! So stop reading and act on something! Better yet, go buy some equipment which you can use to do those things you’ve been talking about! πŸ™‚

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