The end of unsupervised Internet use…Part 2

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FBI Director Robert Mueller called for strict data retention guidelines for US ISPs (Internet Service Providers) when speaking at a conference of international police chiefs. As covered here, he echoed DHS head Michael Cherthoff’s assertion that the Internet was enabling terrorists to telecommute to work, Mueller went further and said that the US needs stricter data retention guidelines. ‘”All too often, we find that before we can catch these offenders, ISPs have unwittingly deleted the very records that would help us identify these offenders and protect future victims,” Mueller said. The solution? Forcing ISPs to retain data for set periods of time. If that happens, how long before the MPAA and RIAA start asking to take a peek at the data too, as they have in Europe? The compilation of this data is a major danger to privacy and a target for abuse. This can only happen if we the people allow it. One last interesting observation, why is there an international conference for police chiefs? Aren’t the laws and rules of operation different different in each country? What efforts would they need to meet to coordinate for? Why would the FBI speak there on a topic that is US centric, if not to garner support from non-US attendees that already have these rules in place…
As I said yesterday in my mind this is a matter of self-defense for once your privacy and liberties are taken away so to is your freedom.

The end of unsupervised Internet use…

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The sky is falling!…I mean…The Web could be terror training camp! Disaffected people living in the United States may develop radical ideologies and potentially violent skills over the Internet and that could present the next major U.S. security threat, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Michael Chertoff said on Monday, October 16. “They can train themselves over the Internet. They never have to necessarily go to the training camp or speak with anybody else and that diffusion of a combination of hatred and technical skills in things like bomb-making is a dangerous combination,” Chertoff said. To help gather intelligence on possible home-grown attackers, Chertoff said DHS would deploy 20 field agents this fiscal year into “intelligence fusion centers,” where they would work with local police agencies. By the end of the next fiscal year, he said the department aims to up that to 35 staffers.
Hmmm…people could use the postal mail for correspondence courses on terrorist training…perhaps we need to inspect every piece of mail…on the up side think of the jobs we can say we created!! Not to get you fired up or anything but this does make the next few
elections seem pretty important…If you don’t vote, do so, but do it as an informed citizen. Voting is our first step to good self-defense, the defense of our rights and beliefs. (This is not an endorsement or opposition of either party)

Jackie Chan Slowed Down By Hollywood

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Jackie Chan
HONG KONG (AP) – Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, famous for his daredevil stunts, says he’s frustrated by Hollywood’s safety rules. “There are so many safety and insurance rules to follow,” Chan said in an interview on his Web site Sunday.
“I know that they want to make sure that I’m safe when I do my stunts, but sometimes they insist that I use protective gear for even simple things, and that is frustrating. It takes so much time,” he said. Chan said he feels less encumbered when making films in Hong Kong.

“In Hong Kong we just go ahead and do what needs to be done. There is no safety captain on the set. I use my own stunt team because they have experience and I trust them to make the action and stunts safe,” he said. Chan also said that when he first broke into Hollywood, he’d had little control over his own moves, even though he’d been choreographing stunts for decades in Hong Kong. But that that has changed over time.

“When I first started making Hollywood films, the directors wouldn’t listen to anything I said when it came to the action,” he said. “It’s different now; the directors respect me and listen to me. Over the years I have gotten more involved in the planning of the action and stunts on my American movies and that makes me happy. But mostly it is difficult,” Chan said.

Mrs. Jones is Packing a Nine!

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Teacher training to carry small arms
In the aftermath of recent horrific school shootings some teachers in Salt Lake City are choosing to defend themselves. Clark Aposhian is running his first gun training class exclusively for teachers. Although turnout was sparse, the pupils were enthusiastic. The teachers in Aposhian’s class are training to get licensed to carry a gun to school. They feel having a gun in the classroom will help them should a threat arise.

Many are critical of this move, including former law enforcement officer Greg Crane who teaches a class on how students and teachers can defend against an attack with his program called Response Options. He tells his students to use everything they have available to fight back. “We train that anything is a distraction,” he said. “Anything that you can throw, your movement, your noise. We need to get out of this victim mindset. We need to get out of the belief that just because he has the gun and I don’t, doesn’t mean I have lost.”

It is impossible to know if either of these tactics would have made a difference during recent events but it is encouraging to know that a handful of our nation’s educators are taking this threat seriously. Please leave a comment about these two approaches; do you agree or disagree; do you have a better idea?
Link to the full article

Cola and Osteoporosis

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As we previously posted here, soda is bad for you! Now the BBC is running a report that women (not men) who regularly drink cola have an increased risk of osteoporosis. Other carbonated drinks seem not to be associated with this increased risk. The study by Katherine Tucker, director of the Epidemiology and Dietary Assessment Program at Tufts University in Boston, and colleagues of 2,500 people showed an apparently direct link between drinking cola and low bone mineral density in women regardless of their age or calcium intake. The report explains possible reasons for this finding stating: “In addition to displacing healthier beverages, colas contain caffeine and phosphoric acid (H(3)PO(4)), which may adversely affect bone”. The complete results were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The publication will be available soon at
The resport also states: “colas contain caffeine and phosphoric acid, which may adversely affect bone” meaning the cause of the calcium drain is unclear. Regardless the 7 or 8 teaspoons of sugar in every can isn’t good for you! One good question that this report has raised; is regular cola drinking associated with being overweight more often in women than men and does this have any bearing on the observed osteoporosis risk? I leave it to the scientists to figure that one out while the rest of us apply common sense. 😉
Though I will leave you all with one question to ponder…Why don’t men suffer an increased risk similar to the women in the study?

The YWCA National Week Without Violence Campaign

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This week is The YWCA Week Without Violence(r), a national campaign held the 3rd week of October, emphasizes alternatives to family violence, gun violence, violence linked to racism and bigotry, and violence in the media. Try to work it into your class, it is a worth while cause.

Meditation Point #60

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Life is something that has to be lived and not talked about.
Carl Gustav Jung

This seems obvious but most people have a hard time with this one. Even those of us who live life often get into a rut of talking instead of doing. In today’s technology/media age it is even easier to do nothing and feel like we are doing something. It is so easy that most of us have forgotten what it is to do instead of talk about living. Now this draws into question what I am doing right now! But I firmly believe technology used as a tool or for enrichment can be a good thing. Unfortunately to often we find ourselves caught in the information which stops us from doing the living part. So I would extend Jung’s observation to include online zoning! So stop reading and act on something! Better yet, go buy some equipment which you can use to do those things you’ve been talking about! 🙂

Meditation Point #59

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Know the mind and see its essence, and you may speak at will and go wherever your feet take you — — nothing is not a path.

I like this particular saying as it goes contrary to the typical empty mind philosophy. While I believe there is some merit to keeping your mind calm it should not be empty! This meditation point emphasizes the fact that we must understand our own mind before we can control anything around us. Without that understanding we will not have the confidence to reach our potential. Far to many people do not even understand the reasons for their own actions, how then can they understand the actions of their fellow man? Find yourself and you will see others for what and who they are, this opens many paths throughout life.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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I’ve been fighting spammers all afternoon…they really take the fun out of running a web site! But as a martial artist I guess I shouldn’t complain about a good fight! 🙂

The Instructor’s Game

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SO I ran a decent class tonight but it didn’t start out so great. About 30 seconds after I called the class to order I lost the vision in my left eye. That’s right, fade to black…blind. And here it comes back again about 30 seconds later! Now mind you this doesn’t happen often but I have had it before, regardless it is always unsettling. What!?! You are asking… I suffer from migraines and I get some pretty unusual migraine indicators, temporary blindness is one of them. Well my vision came back but I was completely off, it is kind of like getting your stride messed up when walking down stairs while carrying something…you are paranoid about the fall.
Here I am, in front of a class of 14 students having just instructed one of my senior students to perform a kata blindfolded as a demonstration. As fate would have it she messed it up and ended up facing off at an angle. Strike two. Then I got a surprise, she asks if I could show the class! Now normally this is not a problem…but after a momentary pause I consented and what a mistake that was! Not only did I end up messing up worse then my student I kept loosing my balance. I looked ridiculous and felt it too. Not wanting to compound the problem by making excuses I simply made a joke and moved on. About an hour into class I finally regained my center and felt at piece again. What a long hour! So when you play the instructor game be ready for anything because when you least expect it life will throw you a curve and make you feel (and act) like a beginner all over again. While you can’t plan these “events” they serve as excellent training moments in perspective and of course a serving of humble pie!