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0 is looking to expand the world of Martial Arts blogging. We envision an author-driven site that is more than an online component to our exisiting services, but an entity unto itself. is looking for a stable of talented, engaged writers who are willing to commit to one post a week, on a set day. As an blogger, you would represent the interests of all martial artists while having the opportunity to develop your own voice and audience. Your content would have to be written specifically for the blog, no reprinting from other sources or heavy reliance on quotes from other’s work. We are looking for fresh, relevant, timely commentary and news about topics related to the Martial Arts, from the people who live and train on a regular basis.
In the world of blogging, it is update or perish. As such, we’re asking for writers who will definitively commit to one post a week, of a standard length of 250-500 words. Writers who cannot meet this requirement can still write for the blog as guests, but to be part of the collective the weekly requirement will be strictly adhered to. Succinctness and an engaging, accessible writing style are important. Good posts offer up information and opinions in an informal tone, without being pedantic or overly academic. Because blog posts will not be vetted by an editorial board before going up on the site, it is important that the writer have a strong sense of responsibility for his/her work. We are interested in your connection and involvement to Martial Arts communities, not in personal attacks or rhetoric. Be prepared to defend your work and it’s accuracy, there will be no fact-checkers other than yourself.
If you are interested in contributing to the blog project, please contact us ASAP. Please submit a sample of writing to us of the typical blog length, 250-500 words, so we can get a sense of your writing style. Individual Blog space is available for those wishing to post daily.
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Meditation Point #66

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The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.
Tennessee Williams

I think this is my second favorite meditation point. While we train in the Martial Arts to harden our bodies and strengthen our minds we often miss the most important part of our Martial Arts training…Peace. This is a big word that I know many Martial Arts students don’t hear or see in action very often, that is sad. We practice the Martial Arts for peace, so we don’t have to fight. Peace so we have a calm heart and mind when faced with adversity. Peace that we may stand for justice in our won lives and the lives of others. Peace like the violets, calm and continual, eventually persevering over the rocks of our adversity. Peace and Life comes to the patient who stay the difficult path of the righteous life. Only a true Martial Artist can see this fact all other see a futile effort of a fragile violet against an impenetrable rock…how blind they are!

Does Glucosamine Work?

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Submitted by Guest Blogger: The Window Manager
One for us old-timer karate folks, a follow-up question about glucosamine:
Followup: Does Glucosamine Work?
A reader finds my earlier entry on glucosamine and wonders if it worked:

I found your site by searching on “glucosamine” and “tae kwon do”; I’m a middle-aged tae kwon do student (7th gup, after about 1 year or so of classes) with crappy flexibility, also trying glucosamine. I’d be interested in what you found. I don’t see your follow-up. Did you post one?

In one of those little life coincidences, I was looking at my bottle of glucosamine and thinking about writing a followup entry about an hour before I saw this email. Weird.
At any rate I have to say this: my flexibility definitely improved after taking glucosamine. This wasn’t a scientific test, but it seemed to work for me. And this is was after seeing a big improvement in my flexibility which seemed to plateau.
When I first started taking Tae Kwon Do two plus years ago I could barely touch my toes. My flexibility gradually improved, but the improvement seemed to stall. The glucosamine did seem to help, and today I can sit with my legs out straight, cup my hands beneath my feet, and put my forehead on my knees.

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