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Sensei Post in Training notes

Keep reading, secret information is disclosed that everyone else attempts to charge you for!
I subscribe to a lot of different Martial Arts newsletters and news feeds and they serve as a constant reminder of why I started this web site. In almost every case these “newsletters” and feeds turn out to be glorified sales pitches that pray on your weaknesses. What really got me going on this topic was a newsletter that publishes almost daily and is usually an amusing read however is devoid of any real information. The reason the newsletter has no useful information is that the publisher wants you to pay a fee and join his “Inner Circle”. Personally I think the guy watched Robert Dinero in Meet the Parents one to many times!
The super secret topic of his latest newsletter was the fact that he will reveal to you (if you subscribe) an amazing fruit that is so powerful it can “reduce risk of heart disease and cancer, improves skin tone, helps you quickly reduce weight, improves cardiac function, regulates blood sugar levels”and of course is “one of the most amazing aphrodisiacs”!! I mean who wouldn’t pay for that kind of information? Shouldn’t top medical researchers be lining up to learn this secret? I jest of course but I don’t mean to insinuate that what it is pitching is without some validity. Actually a little research showed that the fruit he was talking about does actually have some great health benefits. So here is my question, why charge people, why not just tell everyone? After all if you came up with a cure for cancer or something that could make peoples lives better wouldn’t you want to share that information…freely? If you want to make money go buy stock in the product or sell the product but sell it as a “secret product”? To me that is praying on the misfortune of others. There are many people who so want that perfect body, or who have health problems that they can’t resolve, or well the list goes on. You probably have my point now.
So I decided to combat this nasty Martial Arts community tactic by revealing FOR FREE the secret. And I am not revealing the secret to get you to join anything or buy anything. I am hoping you will support this web site but because you find it useful not because I am not saying you have to! The secret is Wild Blueberries. Yes that is it, here is the medical journal text to prove it:
So here is the secret straight from the horses mouth: If you could find an “all-in-one” pill for staving off Alzheimer disease, lowering cholesterol and fighting cancer, wouldn’t you want to order a bulk supply now? That magic “little blue pill” already exists in the form of wild blueberries, which are receiving increasing attention for empowering consumers toward better health-naturally. In response, Wyman’s – the United States’ oldest and largest grower of wild blueberries – has made its Fresh Frozen Wild Blueberries and Wild Blueberry Juice newly available nationwide – through major grocery stores, price clubs and natural food stores. “The link between wild blueberries and disease prevention is so compelling that I advise my patients to eat them every day,” said Daniel Nadeau, MD, med… [Cancercompass News: Cancer Nutrition]
So here is my challenge to you. If you see one of these teaser ads and want to know what the secret is, post it as a comment to this post and I will find the secret and post it to the blog for all to see! Let us work together to open the Martial Arts community to a free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Thanks for reading! If you do support this site by purchasing from our near-wholesale store or by visiting our advertiser’s links, thank you very much. Happy Holidays!

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