Kung Fu Master or Ninja?

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As a kid I use to love drawing stick figure battles (obviously before video games and cable!) so you can imagine my joy to see my childhood friends brought to life!! Take a look and you decide, Kung Fu Master or Ninja Invasion?

3 Foot Ninja 2 – Game

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Here is a cool game that isn’t all that easy.
Take an amazing journey in a far away place. Fight evil enemies and return the Princess to the King of the southern lands!
Fight or die!
Spin Slash: A Key
Normal Swing: S Key
Downward Swing: D Key
Crouch and Block: Space Bar
Use the Arrow Keys to control the ninja.

Medical Ninja’s!!

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First I love Scrubs AND I love Ninja skits so what could be better then a Scrubs Ninja skit!! Enjoy!!

Meditation Point #70

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One day Chao-chou fell down in the snow, and called out, “Help! Help me up!”
A monk came and lay down beside him,
Chao-chou got up and walked away.
– – Zen Mando

At first reading many people will probably say, what?!? Can’t say I blame them. However when I meditated on this saying the meaning became perfectly clear. Think about it most of us, actually all of us, at some point in our lives fall or lie down in defeat. We lie in self-pity or remorse feeling the only way to escape our situation is to be saved by some other power. Here though our savior doesn’t save us he “lay down beside him“! Often it is easy to help other and solve their problems but it is far harder to watch them struggle in silent support by their side. I think parents can definitely relate to this as they want to nurture and protect their children. Yet in doing so we rob our children, friends, students, and strangers of a valuable life lesson…how to survive and be self-reliant. This is not to say that we do nothing, quiet to the contrary you join them in support but leave it to them to help themselves. All of us like little children will rather be handed the solution. Why else do children cry when frustrated? We adults may not cry but we have other ways of expressing our frustration that are equally defeatist! So the next time you find yourself on the floor or facing a truly difficult adversary don’t cry for help or fold and run. Pick yourself up, face your fears and excuses, do something positive and make your own future. You may not win, you may fall down again but I promise you will grow and be the better person for the fall. Because no one ever grew while they lay in the snow!!

Spreading the Martial Arts

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One country at a time!
Sam Muripo, of Zimbabwe, is the reigning African middleweight champion of the Len Barnes South African karate tournament. He is also now the holder of an international licence issued by All Japan Kyokushin Union which he received last week. This means Muripo can now open dojos, which are internationally recognised, and can now train karatekas in kyokushin karate, participate in all international seminars and enjoy voting powers. Muripo, a second dan holder, is the technical director of Mas Oyama Dojo at Harare’s Raylton Sports Club. Muripo is now required to observe the principles of the Kyokushin Union Japan. “It now gives us the powers to run our union professionally as we are now eligible to attend seminars and come back and impart the knowledge to others. I can now grade karatekas…and conduct training sessions and not just wait for everything to be done by instructors from South Africa,” said Muripo.

Happy Little Christmas!

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Or as they say in Spain Epifanía del Señor
Or in Mexico Dia de Reyes
Or in English … Epiphany or All Kings Day

Martial Arts Bloopers

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It’s Friday and this is an awesome set of Martial Arts clips to get your weekend off to a hilarious start!

Meditation Point #69

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Right now a moment of time is passing by!…We must become that moment.
– – Paul Cezanne

This reminds me of something I say all the time. We only have the present, spending to much time dwelling on the past or future only wastes the present, so live! This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t learn from our past or plan for our future, we should. But we shouldn’t live in the past or dream about the future so much that we miss the present. So stop thinking about exercising, get off your butt and get to work!! Of course after you finish reading this blog! 😉

Box it!

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White men can’t jump, it is a fact! If it weren’t then no one would buy Air Jordans 😉
There must be a way to learn to jump higher!? There is. Actually there are a lot of ways to train to increase your ability to jump higher. Many techniques offer mediocre results. For instance, jumping rope will give you only a slight improvement. So what is the secret? Practice. That’s right if you want to jump higher you need to start jumping more. But you need a way to train your body to jump higher and repetitions of standing and jumping will not help. So here is the drill.
Box it
Get a sturdy box, one that can support more then your weight. The Reebok Step System is a good sturdy platform. You want to start out with the “Box” at 6 to 8 inches. Stand with the “Box” one foot in front of you on the floor. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and square with the “Box”. Bend you knees and hips (squat position), drive your arms back for momentum. Now swinging your arms to propel yourself forward, jump as high as you can upward and forward. Land with bent knees on the “Box”. Do 5 sets of 5 jumps, rest 2-3 minutes between sets. If the height is to easy increase it to the next level. You want to slowly work your way up so the Box is 18 – 24 inches high. This might take a while so good luck!

Meditation Point #68

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I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received.
– – Antonio Porchia

This reminds me of many of my students over the years. It reminds me of perspective, theirs and mine. As an instructor it is very important to be aware of the perspective of our students. They perceive our lessons with their life experiences, this can give different meaning to how your lessons are understood or how they might use them. Remember people come from all walks of life and have all kinds of experiences. So before you get frustrated with your students look at your lesson or technique from their perspective, it just might help.