Basic Fighter Principles – Timing

Sensei Post in Training notes

The following is the third in a series of training notes and methods. Please bare in mind these are only notes and should be used as guidelines to increase your understanding of hand-to-hand combat techniques and issues. As we progress from unskilled to seasoned fighter this information becomes intuitive and second nature. This series covers 6 basic principles.
Timing – The saying that Timing is everything is absolutely true in combat training. A fighter must be able to perceive the best time to move to an advantageous position in an attack. He does this by reading his opponents body signals and from past experience. If he moves too soon, the enemy will anticipate his movement and adjust the attack. If the fighter moves too late, the enemy will strike him. Similarly, the fighter must launch his attack or counterattack at the critical instant when the opponent is the most vulnerable.

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