WANTED: Spam Ninja

Sensei Post in Site_News

That’s right we here at KarateTraining.org are looking for a freelance Ninja that seciaizes in tracking down spammers and well let’s say neutralizing them… Until we can find such a crack team of Ninja’s we are forced to temporarily disabled the forum. We need to find a new way to thwart the Spambots from dumping their trash upon our site. This lowest life form has been increasingly annoying and was beginning to consume to much of our time. Fear not, we are researching several ways to bring the forum back and make it spambot free. It seems there is a large market for these spammers to dump their filth and trash all over the Internet, but not here. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post them here…also, if you do happen to have any connections with a crack squad of Ninja’s could you ask them to take some of these spammers out for us?!?! Thanks!

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