Exploiting Our Safety Zone

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As reported in the Baltimore Sun. A Maryland boy was burned by acid on school slide. A 2 1/2 -year-old boy was severely burned Saturday afternoon, April 14, at the playground of a Middle River, MD, elementary school after going down a slide doused in sulfuric acid and landing in a pool of the corrosive liquid. Authorities said they believe vandals stole the industrial-strength drain cleaner from a storage closet at Victory Villa Elementary School and poured it over pieces of playground equipment The boy, who lives less than a quarter-mile from the school, was in fair condition last night at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s pediatric burn unit. He was being treated for third-degree chemical burns — the acid having penetrated three layers of skin. “We found this liquid on everything — the jungle gym, the monkey bars — everything,” said Baltimore County Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Vickie Warehime. This incident came just two days after a similar one in Texas. A two-year-old girl there suffered minor burns on her left forearm and buttocks after she got on a playground slide. Investigators in the Austin suburb of Leander said they believe someone sprayed the slide, benches and the grass at a community park with hydrochloric acid stolen from a community pool, according to media reports.
I wasn’t sure about posting this story here but decided to do so to raise awareness. I thought about not posting it because I didn’t want to give any ideas to some any sick individuals out there. Then I decided it was more important to wake people up and raise their awareness. These two events are isolated cases and I don’t think “our children” are in grave danger. But these stories do speak to the attitude we often take when adopting a false sense of security in certain environments. Many people judge the world by their experiences and can’t imagine anyone doing something like this, that leaves them vulnerable. We must always be aware of our surroundings and should never be overly trusting of an environment (a playground, school, etc) or of people (neighbors, friends, etc). I know this sounds paranoid but that is not what I am advocating. There is no blame here either, these stories are not the fault of the parents or the children, any more then the passengers are to blame for the attack on the World Trade Towers. But if we are a little more aware we might notice something that could stop the next person from being attacked. But don’t forget that is a ‘might’ and ‘could’ since there is no safe environment or perfectly aware person. May none of us ever experience what these poor children and their families are dealing with, and may they catch the sick individuals responsible.

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