Meditation Point #78

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One day, while addressing a crowd, the popular Zen master Bankei was being heckled by a Nichiren Buddhist priest. The priest was yelling out, “I don’t understand a single word you’re saying!”
Bankei called out and said, “Come closer and I’ll explain it.”
The priest walked closer in the midst of the crowd. Bankei said, “No, come closer.”
The priest edged closer, and Bankei said, “No, closer still,” until finally the priest was right next to Bankei. And Bankei said: “Ah, look! How well you understand me!”
This Zen story is a good example of perspective reasoning. To often we judge things we are asked to do or to understand yet we refuse to try. Instead we play the three monkey’s and hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. In this state our horizons can never expand, our experiences never enrich, our ethos never evolve. This is a sad state because if we simply unblock our eyes and ears we can begin to learn to test our beliefs and knowledge. For in the testing of the knowledge is growth for this is the path to truth. Like the priest we must sometimes be distracted and move from our vantage point were we defensively judge to preserve our current stance.
When we train we often encounter difficulties or tasks that seem foreign or “wrong”. But with experience we discover that our approach was wrong and it was our perspective that kept us from seeing this. When you have difficulty in your training clear your mind, breath deeply and experience your training without prejudice and opinion. Only then can you let your body find a new way. Like I tell my students, Stop Thinking! and Do!!

Kyokushin Versus Kung Fu

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Here is an interesting video of two Dojo’s testing each others metal. The facial expressions of one of the spectators adds a bit of humor to the whole thing! Kyokushin comes out on top though I am not sure why the last match was so short. If anyone can understand the commentary please post some of it as a comment…please!


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We all face it… procrastination. From changing a light bulb to exercise and diet we all face procrastination at some point. So here is one way to Deal with procrastination NOW!
N – note your commitments (tell others-write it down)
O – own the project/task
W – work in small steps (Baby Steps – they are easier to accomplish)
Eliminate these words from your vocabulary – “hope”, “Wish”, “should” and “maybe”. Nobody likes people who aren’t sure of themselves.

Book Review: This Is Karate

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A hard to find treasure, This Is Karate packs one heck of a punch just like Mas Oyama! This is one of the rare all inclusive manuals of the Martial Arts. Specific to Kyokushin but useful to all Martial Arts this book includes a section on everything from fitness, conditioning and stretching techniques to technique specifics to philosophical insights. All 368 pages are packed with information that is driven home with more then 2000 illustrations, diagrams, photos, and sketches. If you add one book to your Martial Arts Library make it this one.

10 Golden Rules of Time Management:

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If we follow these 10 rules we should be able to find more time to do the important things in life…like practice Karate!! 🙂
1. Know how you currently spend your time
2. Identify your “prime time”. What time of day is most productive for you. In most cases people have 2 hr’s a day that they are at their “high” production time.
3. Do tomorrow’s planning tonight (One minute of planning saves 10 minutes of doing/redoing or crisis’s)
4. Ask yourself “Why am I doing what I’m doing right now?” OFTEN
5. Handle each piece of paper ONCE
6. Plan your work, but work your plan
7. Delete whenever possible (don’t keep everything!)
8. Delegate wisely
9. Identify your high -payoff items (whether it’s $/time/mission)
10. Work from a prioritized action list
Hope this list helps you find more time, it has helped me.