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No Easy Enlightenment
Some students just don’t get it. Perhaps that’s you… To sound like a 90 year old, everything in life worth attaining takes hard work and commitment. This harsh truth is often ignored by many of us (all of us at one point or another). Most often we ignore this fact because we think we have natural ability or we figure “it” will just happen. In this case “it” is the ability and know-how to play chess. In class “it” is the ability to perform a technique well or spar and win. Like most sports there are only a few great athletes but unlike most sports in the Martial Arts your competitor is largely yourself. This means if you never challenge yourself then you will never succeed. Think of it this way…for anyone who has lifted weights with a bad spotter that doesn’t help you reach your best it is a unfullfilling experience, of course so to is someone who pushes you to far. The great part about the Martial Arts is it helps to develop your heart, your ability to go that extra step when your body says NO! And if you don’t push yourself to admit that you wimped out and not look for blame elsewhere. This is not a “no pain, no gain” mindset but one of self-growth, push in a healthy way find the balance and you will succeed.

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