Self-Defense versus Karate

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What is all of the hype about? Why would I take a Self-Defense class instead of a Karate class or visa versa? This is a common question. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer; it really depends on the needs of the individual. Karate is a form of Self-Defense however Self-Defense is rarely a form of Karate. Karate can take years to master and perfect however you can master basic Self-Defense principles in a short time, with infrequent but regular practice.

Both increase your self-confidence and understanding of how to deal with threatening situations. Practicing Self-Defense increases your awareness and provides you with the tools to quickly thwart an attack. Karate also increases your awareness. Karate also provides you with the ability to thwart an attack but it also gives you the ability to deal with a prolonged attack.

A good analogy would be a comparison of Checkers and Chess. Both are games of skill that require thought, yet one obviously requires more time to learn but yields benefits beyond the game. Playing Checkers we look a few moves ahead and react to our opponents every move. Playing Chess we need to have much more situational awareness, it trains us to be more adept at handling unexpected situations. Like Checkers and Chess, Self-Defense and Karate have their place and purpose. Which is the right tool for you?

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