Stay close to the Gun…

Sensei Post in Self-Defense

This video demonstrates why it is important to stay close to a gun when trying to defend yourself against an armed attacker. Here we see an attorney use a tree to “dodge” the bullets! This man had no self-defense training prior to this event but his quick instincts saved his life, the walked away with a grazing wounds but lived to talk about it.

Lately I have been seeing an increasing number of martial arts and safety “experts” telling people to run away in a zig-zag pattern or to move around a lot if confronted with a gun. While this may sound like good advice I strongly disagree. The only reason this worked in the above video was because the lawyer did not run away, he stayed close. Your only real defense against a gun is available if you are within arms length of the gunman/woman otherwise all bets are off. In the end it is your call and no one should feel guilty for the way they may or may not respond in such a high stress situation but remember this lawyer, keep your cool!

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