Last Resort

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While this image deals with Marksmanship it does nicely illustrate how the Martial Artist should conduct themselves…Only fight as a last resort but if you have to hold nothing back!

Training Tip – Weight Control

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So let’s face it most of us fight the bulge in one way or another or will… The more reading and research I do the more I realize that our food (at least in America) to designed to make us fat! I am not referring to fresh food ingredients, I am talking about processed foods. Fewer and fewer people cook on a regular basis which seems to be part of the social fallout of needing two incomes to survive. So what are we to do? First, if you have to eat out try to choose a restaurant that has “healthy” menu selections. Second, limit your portions, most restaurant portions greatly exceed what should be considered a normal portion. Remember just because you can eat it all, doesn’t mean you should! Portion sizes for meat should be about the size of your fist. The same rule should be applied to your other portions of vegetables and starches (potatoes, etc). That means that you should see some plate between your food unlike our Thanksgiving dinner plate! πŸ™‚
Another good way to help curb your appetite is to drink water. The human body cannot distinguish mild thirst from hunger which means that when you get the munchies you may just need a glass of water. Water is the key here because sugary drinks only increase your thirst which you feel as hunger. This vicious cycle can lead you significantly increase your calorie intact.
Pay attention to your activity level as well when considering what your daily diet is going to include. If you are not going to be doing much then you can probably trim back a little more on your caloric intake. But remember never starve yourself as this will only frustrate you and potentially lead you to “cheat”. It is O.K. to splurge occasionally as long as we exercise our bodies and our will, think twice before you eat and really ask yourself if you *need* it, even if it is a Twinkie to take the edge off of a bad day. As long as this isn’t the norm you shouldn’t berate yourself.
So start with these simple rules:
– Exercise daily
– Limit your meal portions to reasonable sizes
– Drink water between meals before you go for the snacks
– Think twice and be honest before eating between meals or for dessert
– It’s O.K. to treat yourself occasionally if it isn’t the norm
We are human and most of us have busy lives and a lot of stress so these simple steps can seem quiet difficult. But the key word in that sentence was *simple* start out by just observing yourself and begin to change your behavior from there. I guarantee that if you can stick to these rules for two weeks you’ll find yourself feeling better and craving the bad foods less. Stick to it for a month and you will begin to be addicted to feeling better. Stick to it for 3 months and you will have changed yourself for a lifetime because it takes about 3 months to reprogram your body and mind. And remember no one ever climbed Mount Everest without starting by climbing a small hill!

A Great Combination

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Jet Li and Jason Statham, what could be better! I know they are rivals in the upcoming movie War due out on September 14th. This movie looks like it is packed with as many gun battles as it is martial arts scenes. Given the presence both actors bring to the screen this may quickly become a cult classic among us martial artists:) Watch the Trailer and see what you think.

Jet Li & Jason Statham in WAR

Meditation Point #82

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The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.
– – Pablo Casals
Beauty is in the moment when we act without thinking and let our training take over. This is the demonstration of our true learning. Relax, breath and do, do not think for seeking perfection through force of will is like attempting to grasp water in your fists. Only in relaxing and cupping our hands can we hold the water. And this take no thought at all, so it is with your Martial Art training.