UK Law makes security research illegal?!

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The United Kingdom (UK) has enacted a Law that outs a stop to security research! Now this law applies to Web Security or software flaws however there is a greater implication for anyone involved in security related professions (martial artists, private detectives, risk analysts, etc). The law punishes researchers for attempting to locate flaws much less disclose those flaws. A report written the Computer Security Institute took input from a broad working group, including security researchers and representatives of U.S. law
enforcement agencies. The reason the Law was passed was because everyone’s eye was on increasing the ability to prosecute Web attackers. As is often the case no one thought of the far reaching implications of this law, or maybe they did! If you would like to read the report it is available as a Free PDF (registration required):
If a law like this can pass perhaps we will soon see laws that say it is illegal to demonstrate or simulate physical attacks, or to look for physical security vulnerabilities! It is a direct comparison to this law so don’t laugh… After all couldn’t a would be attacker take your class to learn how their victims may defend themselves and thereby find a way to overcome their defense?!? I’m sure our law makers are thinking about this right now…

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