Meditation Point #86

Sensei Post in A Zen Thing

The establishment of inner harmony is to be attained neither in the past nor in the future, but where the past and future meet, which is the now. When you have attained that point, neither future nor past, neither birth nor death, neither time nor space exist. It is that NOW which is liberation, which is perfect harmony, to which the men of the past and the men of the future must come.
– – R. H. Blyth
Harmony is something that most of us have had a glimpse of, a moment in time that is frozen without background noise or the normal static of life. Like a perfect sunset shared with your soul mate or in contented solitude. Harmony is not something that comes easily but it just happens. Harmony is one of life’s oxymoron’s in that we must work hard to attain it but it cannot be attained through hard work. Why is Harmony so difficult to attain? Because we are so often obsessed with what comes next or what went before. We obsess and dwell, we relive and second guess, all the while we miss the now. For only in the now can we find Harmony, we may reminisce about some tender memory but that is not Harmony, for harmony is a feeling, a perfection. And while we can reminisce about such things, Harmony is a feeling and a feeling remembered is a shadow and as such is hollow. So live in the NOW empty your mind and LIVE and in the living you may just feel at Harmony, you may just find perfection.

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