Meditation Point #89

Sensei Post in A Zen Thing

A window of opportunity won’t open itself.
– – unknown
I got this little jewel of wisdom in a fortune cookie along with some Lucky numbers. Well the numbers didn’t turn out to be all that lucky for the lottery! But they did get me thinking about what the cookie said. Well not literally of course since cookies can’t talk! But how often do we sit around dreaming about success of some sort. If only I was rich, if only I was smart, if only I was strong, if only I was thin and the list goes on forever. If only conversations are usually the reason we are all those things! Now that isn’t completely fair but in the big picture it is true. If only is a statement of regret, regret kills. I remember another saying I heard once that has always stuck with me…No man is old until he knows regret…if only… Perhaps we should focus on the next small step we need to take to succeed and attain our goals. Perhaps in taking action we can change if only to I remember when! Now there is an element of luck to some if only’s and remember when’s but mostly there is action and forward movement. So open a window, do something and maybe tomorrow you’ll be a little bit richer, smarter, stronger, thinner… But don’t look for immediate results, give it some time and perhaps sooner then you think you’ll be saying I remember when…

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