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Matt Damon Reading the Review!Jason Bourne is back! I mean Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is back!! This evening I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. Being a huge fan of the Bourne series to date I walked in with High expectations. Before I go into detail (no spoilers) let me say that I liked the movie very much. This film delivers what it promises which is nonstop action and movement. There are a few great scenes but only one great fight scenes which was disappointing. While I enjoyed the whole film there were many things I didn’t like. The Director of the first film, Bourne Identity, nailed the cinematography, capturing every nuance of the fight scenes and really bringing the audience into the fight. Unfortunately the studio didn’t like that Director and he wasn’t hired back for the sequels and it shows. In the Bourne Ultimatum the Director tried to bring the fight to the audience, literally. Many of the scenes in the movie are filmed too close so you get a lot of movement but you aren’t seeing the whole scene. When other reviews mention “tight” fight scenes I can only imagine this is what they meant. Though I originally thought that Bourne would be fighting in small places, he does but there wasn’t room for the camera in some of them!! The other thing I was prepared for (since another review spoiled it) was the VERY limited lines Jason Bourne has. Again in the Bourne Identity the Director made this minimal verbiage (I hate that word) work but in this film it makes Jason Bourne seem flat or deficient. There are a few scenes where Jason Bourne could have easily said something! Again this is easily overlooked because of the nonstop pace the movie keeps but something is lost.
So what am I saying? Bourne Ultimatum is a sequel and like almost all sequels is not quiet as fresh as we would hope for. Overall I walked out of the theater happy with the week salary that I dropped to see the film. But since I tend to over analyze all movies here I sit pondering what could have been done better…as I see it. In a recent interview Matt Damon said they did film a lot of scenes with him talking but they just didn’t work. Since I think he is a brilliant actor and movie maker I have to trust him on that one. My last comment is that the technical skills demonstrated in the fight scenes are not disappointing and one has to admire Matt Damon for all the work he put into them. So, go see this movie you won’t be disappointed.

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