Credit Card Control?

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Have the Gun Control people joined forces with the Credit Card companies? You have to wonder. What does that mean?! Well with ID theft on the rise you have to wonder why Credit Card companies won’t enable consumers to protect themselves from fraudulent account use. Consumers are not allowed to set transaction limits or block certain types of transactions using their credit cards, such as restricting card use to purchases only made with U.S.. Additionally consumers are not allowed to set so-called user-defined limits and/or prohibitions on their accounts to help prevent unauthorized use. While there are a handful of credit card companies that offer these services the vast majority do not, which make you wonder why not? About 8 percent of Credit Card companies now offer consumers e-mail or telephone “transaction alerts” to advise them of account activity. That is only 8% offer this service! You would think these simple solutions would go a long way to allowing us to protect ourselves from fraud and ID theft! Perhaps the Credit Card companies think you are reliable enough to use these services accordingly. Like gun control they want you to rely on them for your protection and for a small monthly fee they can make sure you are protected from fraudulent charges and Identity theft! Call your legislator today and tell them you want more control over your own protection from Identity Thieves!

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