Meditation Point #94

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There are other things besides money


– – Irish Saying

These are words that we need to remind ourselves of everyday. To many of us (the fortunate) these are only words. The fact that you are reading this blog indicates that you are probably unfamiliar with at least two of these terms. As martial artists we must always remember our humanity for we should be seekers of truth and justice. Yes I place a high standard on the word Martial Artist. Many have forgotten that it is a way of life, a choice to take the difficult path. Our path takes us down a road of self struggle but that should never lead us to forget the real struggles of our fellow man. Another ideal that the martial arts promote is that one person can make a difference. They can effect their world, their situation, why else study to defend against oppression (remember your history!)? So please take today and reflect on the above saying and perhaps look upon the world in a slightly less self absorbed, self interested or judgmental.


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