Fat people know.

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I am a regular guy, with a regular life, a regular family and regular problems. Aren’t we all? Obviously not. Every day we (the regular people) get up, go to work and try to build a better life. Part of building a better life means taking care of ourselves and getting into shape so there is something left to enjoy when we get older. The problem is life gets in the way, it gets in the way ALL the time! Us regular people are use to that, we expect it. So we trudge on. So here is the question, why are regular people like you and me listening to non-regular people when it comes to improving ourselves? Let’s face it these non-regular people don’t understand our lives. These are people who for the most part because of birth or fortunate timing were able to rise above the regular people and attain that thing called wealth. With wealth comes many benefits, but it primarily removes most of the stresses us regular people face. And with wealth comes extra time, since you can pay someone to clean your house, mow the lawn, fix the sink, do the laundry, and the list goes on! So what do these non-regular people do with their free time? That’s right they write books and articles and they make videos telling us regular people what we need to do to be perfect like them. Personally I am sick of it. There are more examples then I could possibly recount but when you have someone writing training advice that mentions their extensive travels and their second house abroad you have to wonder how can this guy/girl get me? How can they know what I can or can’t make time for?

It reminds me of one of those movies where a person from suburbia goes to teach in the ghetto and just tells the kids they need to work harder! How pompous! How presumptuous of them we think (hopefully). Inevitably by the end of the movie the suburbanite has realized their error and is helping the kids meet their basic needs so they *can* work harder and succeed. Without this first hand knowledge all the person does is add frustration to the lives of those ghetto students. They can’t see the dream unless you let them stand on your shoulders. It is like that with all these self-help gurus, these self-proclaimed guardians of fat and fitness. I am not saying they don’t have some useful information but we regular people need an interpreter, we need one of our own. Because like all regular people we don’t have that much time or energy left at the end of the day to give it all we’ve got. And we surely don’t have the time in the morning because we have to get to work, we have “real” jobs. So here is what you need to do…

First and foremost keep it realistic. You are not going to be ready for beach season when you start working out in April or March or February!! Shoot for very long term benefits and start with goals like “I won’t be winded after bringing the laundry up from the basement”! Watch your diet but don’t kill yourself. My wife has always said you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise moderation. Time has proven her correct. There is no quick fix for fitness so make it fun or you won’t make it. There will always be exercises that you do not want to do but those should be the exception, not the norm. Have fun you will want to do some more. The nice thing about working out for fitness is you are competing against yourself and it is a marathon.

So put down the self-help book. Stop adding to the wealth of those who do not understand you and help yourself! Read this blog for more FREE tips and information, write in if you don’t find it. Us regular people need to stick together, only then can we all succeed. SO think twice before you take your next bite and ask yourself if you really need it. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t listen to yourself as that only perpetuates the problem. Remember this is a long race and you can make up some time at the next meal/snack. Who knows if we all start there maybe we’ll be non-regular people some day too! πŸ˜‰

Aspects of Fitness

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Fitness isn’t just about looking better, it’s about feeling better and the impact that improvement has on our lives. If this is the case then why is getting fit and staying that way so hard for so many? I think there are many answers to this question but primarily they fall into three categories, one we don’t have (make) time, two it’s to hard or I am to far gone, and three I’m lazy and in denial so I can say I am happy with the way I am. That last one may sound harsh but if we look at human behavior it may just explain the bulk (no pun intended) of the problem. I know when I go through periods of not exercising it is because I am extremely busy and lazy on exercise. But no matter how tired your brain may be from working a long day your body still needs to get its workout. Since so many people are animal centric let me put it this way, would you ignore your dog and not take it for a bathroom walk just because you had a long tiring day? If you did you’d have more housework to do! Others of us use the I walked a lot at work today, or lifted, etc. A wise person once told me that anything you do at work doesn’t count because it is work not exercise! And I have found that he was correct. Because even if we engage in strenuous activities at work they do not rise to the level of exercise because they are typically not sustained.
In the coming months we are going to be looking at this topic more closely. We will explore how diet and fitness can be the key to more fulfilled, energetic and dynamic lives that will help you achieve whatever change you’re seeking. Please post your thoughts and comments below and if you want to write an article or serve as a case study let us know!

Silly Saturday

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No Animal Dumping

It seems this is a real problem! Who does this?!

Great Roundhouse kicks!

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Not sure where or who this is in the video other then it was referred to as the Old Bushi Ban Team Xtreme demo reel. There are some great kick examples in here but mostly it is just a lot of fun to watch!

Bourne Ultimatum – Review

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Matt Damon Reading the KarateTraining.org Review!Jason Bourne is back! I mean Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is back!! This evening I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. Being a huge fan of the Bourne series to date I walked in with High expectations. Before I go into detail (no spoilers) let me say that I liked the movie very much. This film delivers what it promises which is nonstop action and movement. There are a few great scenes but only one great fight scenes which was disappointing. While I enjoyed the whole film there were many things I didn’t like. The Director of the first film, Bourne Identity, nailed the cinematography, capturing every nuance of the fight scenes and really bringing the audience into the fight. Unfortunately the studio didn’t like that Director and he wasn’t hired back for the sequels and it shows. In the Bourne Ultimatum the Director tried to bring the fight to the audience, literally. Many of the scenes in the movie are filmed too close so you get a lot of movement but you aren’t seeing the whole scene. When other reviews mention “tight” fight scenes I can only imagine this is what they meant. Though I originally thought that Bourne would be fighting in small places, he does but there wasn’t room for the camera in some of them!! The other thing I was prepared for (since another review spoiled it) was the VERY limited lines Jason Bourne has. Again in the Bourne Identity the Director made this minimal verbiage (I hate that word) work but in this film it makes Jason Bourne seem flat or deficient. There are a few scenes where Jason Bourne could have easily said something! Again this is easily overlooked because of the nonstop pace the movie keeps but something is lost.
So what am I saying? Bourne Ultimatum is a sequel and like almost all sequels is not quiet as fresh as we would hope for. Overall I walked out of the theater happy with the week salary that I dropped to see the film. But since I tend to over analyze all movies here I sit pondering what could have been done better…as I see it. In a recent interview Matt Damon said they did film a lot of scenes with him talking but they just didn’t work. Since I think he is a brilliant actor and movie maker I have to trust him on that one. My last comment is that the technical skills demonstrated in the fight scenes are not disappointing and one has to admire Matt Damon for all the work he put into them. So, go see this movie you won’t be disappointed.

Credit Card Control?

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Have the Gun Control people joined forces with the Credit Card companies? You have to wonder. What does that mean?! Well with ID theft on the rise you have to wonder why Credit Card companies won’t enable consumers to protect themselves from fraudulent account use. Consumers are not allowed to set transaction limits or block certain types of transactions using their credit cards, such as restricting card use to purchases only made with U.S.. Additionally consumers are not allowed to set so-called user-defined limits and/or prohibitions on their accounts to help prevent unauthorized use. While there are a handful of credit card companies that offer these services the vast majority do not, which make you wonder why not? About 8 percent of Credit Card companies now offer consumers e-mail or telephone “transaction alerts” to advise them of account activity. That is only 8% offer this service! You would think these simple solutions would go a long way to allowing us to protect ourselves from fraud and ID theft! Perhaps the Credit Card companies think you are reliable enough to use these services accordingly. Like gun control they want you to rely on them for your protection and for a small monthly fee they can make sure you are protected from fraudulent charges and Identity theft! Call your legislator today and tell them you want more control over your own protection from Identity Thieves!

ID Theft, Are you a Victim?!

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Most people don’t know if they have fallen prey to an Identity theif. The ID theif is often someone close to you, someone you would never expect but it could just as easily be a complete stranger. You need to protect yourself and remain mindful of this risk. If you are cautious you check your credit card statements every month for suspicious charges. While this is a good practice it falls short of any real protection from Identity theft. That is because most ID theives obtain new credit cards and/or loans once they have your identity, then they don’t have to worry about you stumbling across their charges. Luckily there is something you can do to protect yourself and limit this risk. In 2003 the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and requires the nationwide credit bureaus to provide consumers, upon request, a free copy of their credit report once every 12 months. The three nationwide consumer reporting companies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, will begin processing consumers’ requests for credit reports for free. Consumers also may request a copy of their credit report by phone or mail, but, for these methods, must fill out a standardized form. So what are you waiting for?! You can order your annual credit report today by using the request form is available at AnnualCreditReport.com. Don’t wait to find out the hard way, be proactive and protect yourself today.
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Research shows that ID theft is soaring in the U.S. because ID thieves are increasingly targeting individuals living in rural communities. Identity fraud hot spots include the cities of Springfield, IL; and Bozeman and Missoula, MT. In fact, Montana makes multiple appearances in the top ten list: at number four with Whitefish, five with Lolo, seven with Hamilton and eight with Bigfork. Bismarck, ND, takes the number six slot, with Grand Forks and Fargo, also both in North Dakota, taking the ninth and tenth positions. The U.S. counties that emerged as hot spots in the last year include 13 counties in North Dakota and seven counties in Montana. Research also shows that in general identity fraud rates are increasing in the upper Midwest, Northern California, Utah, Nevada and Maine. Identity fraud rates appear to be decreasing in the Southern U.S. and staying consistent in such areas as Southern California, the Mexican border of Texas and in cities like Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR.

Meditation Point #93

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How to compare this brief life?
This morning a boat crossed the harbor,
leaving no mark in the world. – – Mansei
SO few of us leave a mark upon the world that most of us can name these people going back a millennium. Yet we like to feel ourselves important. Perhaps this explains we some try to raise themselves at the expense of others? Or why wealth seems is the measure for some. We are like the wake of a boat, most will only be remembered for a short time after their passing. Is this as it should be? Yes. Ours is not to seek personal remembrance in this world when we are gone, or it shouldn’t be. Ours should be to improve the world in some small way that the lives of others are improved from our having been here. Some do this by raising good children, other through charity, but in my mind the biggest impact we can have is through small simple acts of kindness towards total strangers. To many have forgotten that it only takes a moment and a smile to make a difference in someones life, perhaps forever changing the course of their life.

Don’t get Humiliated Train Hard

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Remember if you don’t train hard this could be you!
Nothing is as humiliating as getting put down by a gut punch from Bob Barker!!