Tragic Bridge Collapse

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I think everyone has heard about this story by now, if not you can read all about it on I don’t usually like to speak up on these issues but can’t remain silent on this one.

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

This is a sad accident but it happens every 10 years or so. There will be memorials and investigations, someone will probably go to jail. None of that of course will heal the hurt of those left to mourn their loved ones. None of that will bring back those who have died.
The sad truth is we have known about this problem for over 20 years. Every year the Civil Engineers Association goes to Washington and gives a report on the under funding of our infrastructure. Every year they are ignored. This sad event will get their attention for a few weeks but until this becomes to norm (God forbid!) we won’t see major improvements to our infrastructure.
I remember watching the Civil Engineer Assoc about 10 years ago on CSPAN and they predicted this type of event, along with congested roads, flight delays, power outages, etc. Everything they predicted 10 years ago has come to reality. But infrastructure isn’t a sexy political topic.
I’ll leave you with three questions… Was this stretch of highway one of the US highways that have been sold to foreign interests? And, if this bridge was in a war zone how long would it take the Army Corp of Engineers to have temporary bridge in its place? How long will the residence of Minneapolis have to wait before they are crossing the river again?
Again my condolences to the families. I can only hope that we will hold our elected officials responsible for this event and not let them quiet us by throwing more money at us.

Lost Wallet?

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Loose your wallet or a credit card? You better start checking your credit. A friend recently lost her credit card at a gas station, with 12 hours over $500 in gas charges were recorded across town at a station with no cameras. Thieves are smart. In another case Jose F.Lara got a check in the mail for almost $2,800 from a bank in Arlington County, VA for an overpayment on his second mortgage. Problem is…you guessed it he didn’t have a second mortgage and had never done business with that bank! The news left him just a little stunned and confused. Turns out that a year prior Lara lost his wallet and Elizabeth Cabrera-Rivera found it. She then used Lara’s identification to buy a $419,000 townhouse with no money down. A townhouse she and her family moved into, refinanced and then quickly fled not long after Lara turned up at the bank in December. Mari J. Frank, a California lawyer, identity fraud victim and author of numerous books and articles on the subject, said, “They don’t really see themselves as doing something wrong as long as they pay the bill.” Well this story has a happy ending, Elizabeth Cabrera-Rivera found out that there is something wrong with what she did and plead guilty to identity fraud, credit card theft, conspiracy and obtaining a loan under false pretenses. So where is your wallet? And what is in it?

Classic Scene

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Here is a great example of keeping your focus and wits about you when facing your fears…