Hot Digg-itty

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The Digg Effect has me saying Hot-Digg-itty:)

The Digg Effect

Digg is a great resource for finding what is sometimes hard to find news. Basically the good news gets rated UP and stays on top so it is easier to find. Of course like any good thing it can be a little addictive! I am increasingly intrigued with some of the stories I find on Digg. A recent story covered UFO reports by astronauts, very interesting to all us conspiracy theorists! Or even more interesting was an article by a Quantum Physicist discussing what is termed the GOD-Effect and the possible events of the year 2012. Those are just two. Of course this means I haven’t been spending as much time on developing this site so I need to cut back! But don’t take my word for it, click on one of the ‘digg it’ links on this page and start your digg experience today!

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