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Let me apologize for the lack of posts recently, I have been suffering from writer’s block. It happens ever so often and for the life of me I have no idea why. One of my readers took me to task yesterday on my lack of posting, mostly to see if I was still alive. It is nice to know you readers are out there so feel free to keep that up! Well I was doing some forum surfing and I came across something that inspired me, so I guess the writer’s block is over!!

Do Real men fight for peace? No, real men fight for what they believe in. Real men fight for those that cannot fight for themselves.
— Anonymous Author

The most important part of the above statement is the last sentence, Real men fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. I hold to this as a Justice minded individual, but it amazes me how many people (at least here in the northeast) do not. Standing for justice was the moral of the movie A Few Good Men. And it made a good point, no matter how strong you are, how superior or powerful, you must fight for the weak. While this idea may be presented to us in the movies it seems all to rare in real life.

In real life we get political correctness at any cost including sacrifice of the innocent and helpless under the guise of protecting them! The politically correct teach us that words can and DO hurt us! Words mean nothing, period. As Martial Artist we should all understand this yet I still see emtions run high when words are thrown around. If you are a Martial Artist and you get flustered or upset when someone calls you a name, please hang your head in shame. You have forgotten the adage, Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Words to live by. Words mean only as much as you value (or have to) their source.

As Martial Artists we are supposed to follow the truth. Who says? Me for one. The pursuit of the Martial Arts while physical in nature has a deep introspective nature to it. Call it spiritual, religious, self-growth, regardless it is there. To mature as a Martial Artist you must seek the truth and the order of things. The truth is a big word today, it use to be much more simple, though I think it still is. The danger of the truth is ours is often shaded by our experiences and our prejudices (we all have them). But in our gut the truth exists. And in that truth resides justice, honesty and righteousness. Notice I did not say self-righteousness, that has no place in the truth. In this place in your gut is also an understanding that we must fight. We are taught that fighting is bad and that is correct if we fight for ego or personal gain. But like the Author says, real men fight for those who cannot, for what they believe in. When was the last time you stood up for someone? I doubt it has been that long since you have seen someone who needed standing up for. If you didn’t, how did you feel? If you did?

Well if you did I can tell you, you felt good. If you didn’t, I can also tell you, you felt regret. We cannot be perfect but we can strive to be. If we take a moment from thinking about ourselves we find time to reach out and help our fellow man. Those are the moments we remember. Those are the moments that help us to grow as people and Martial Artists. And for the record, the willingness to fight when the truth is on your side usually negates the need to fight, but don’t bank on that!

Questions why and follow the truth, then ask why again. Reapply as needed.

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