Kyokushin Speed Kick Tutorial

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Sorry it is in Japanese

In the video my students will recognize some of the techniques and principles of executing a good kick. While I do not understand the words that are coming out of his mouth! There is a lot to be gained from watching this video since in the slow motion sequences you see the benefits of this kicking technique. The speed of the kick is increased by the late release of the lower leg. The added benefit of the late release of the lower leg is he isn’t committed until the moment before the kick completes. This approach greatly increases the kicks power, speed and flexibility. Kicks are the most powerful attack you can use but are only truly effective when executed correctly. Incorrect execution of a kick can expose you to unnecessary risk to a catastrophic counterattack. So study how the kick is done and practice! It requires balance and control so regardless of whether or not your practice Kyokushin Karate you should gain something from the practice.

If you happen to speak Japanese and have the time can you translate some or all of the video dialog in the comments?

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