Master Out Done by Teenage Girl…

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Thin teenage girl breaks more tile then accomplished Karate Master! Or does she… Watch closely as this is both entertaining and educational.

Notice that when the karate master breaks the tiles he only breaks the tiles as far as his elbow reaches. That is because his body position stopped the force of the downward strike. If he had used a knife-hand strike or the bottom of the fist he would have most likely gone through all of the tiles as his force would have continued downward.

The hardest part of breaking is the mental aspect, being able to thrust through the target. Injury occurs when we do not focus through the target but instead focus on the surface of the target. That hurts! Of course there is a certain amount of physical strength or mass required to break certain objects. Breaking is a great demonstration of ones mental control and focus. This is still a funny video though, the Karate Master looked like he was about to loose his control! Perhaps that is why the host so quickly admitted to the stunt…!

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