Meditation Point #102

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If one could understand a flower as it has its being in God,
this would be a higher thing then the whole world!

-– Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1328 )

Born some 700 plus years before me… Why does it seem that most of wisdom today comes from so many in the distant past.  Is it the technology that distracts us from deep contemplations?  No it is our choices that lead us away from introspection and depth of thought.  When a society as a whole seeks the satisfaction of their materialistic desires it is hard for wisdom to emerge.  Like a beautiful rose growing in the center of a Mall parking lot, it is not impossible but highly improbable.  Even if we seek to live a life of deep introspection society seeps into our consciousness or being.  No wonder we cannot understand a flower as is has its being in God.

Remember what is important in life during the coming month.  We demonstrate our love and caring for others through our actions.  We demonstrate our self worldliness by camping in line over night at a store so we can get a limited toy!

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