Meditation Point #98

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The turnip farmer points the way with a turnip.Issa

Perspective, one of the most important things to gain in life. Our perspectives are derived from our experiences. In life we have ourselves and our experiences. Our Self emerges from our experiences and our reactions to those experiences. The problem is that the world is a large place filled with a multitude of different people with different experiences. What is interesting though is that there seems to be a finite number of ways the Self can emerge. We either seem to devolve into “sin” or self-indulgence or we evolve toward selflessness. Often this path a conscious choice similar to the different paths chosen by Siddhartha. For people who are not introspective life develops more like a ship without a rudder finds its course.

Perspective and introspection are important counterparts vital to our development. Introspection aids us in finding ways to better understand ourselves and gain perspective from our experiences. Thus introspection is crucial for our perspectives to become more diverse.  Perspectives increase our understanding not only of our own life but of the lives of others.  Understanding breeds empathy.  In a heightened state of understanding or empathy  we can communicate with people in terms which they can relate.  So no longer would the turnip farmer only be able to point the way with the turnip.  He would speak to each person in terms they understood seeing the world through their eyes.

That may seem like a strange reflection to many of you, but it is my perspective.  Think on it while you train and perhaps the next time you are in a conflict you will see the world through the eyes of your adversary.  And in that moment of clarity perhaps you will see a way to communicate and avoid the conflict.  But in case that doesn’t work… Train hard and kick their butt!!

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