Meditation Point #99

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“Like dogs, some folks will go with whoever feeds ’em. Makes you think.”

Robin Hood, Sherwood
Parke Godwin

I just finished reading the historical fiction Sherwood. In the book is the above quote which stuck with me, especially since it is true. It also struck me that points of reflection can come from anywhere. This entire book was truly a point of reflection dealing with friendship, loyalty, justice, struggle and the reality of life and the concessions we must sometimes make. This book is a perfect blend of historical accuracy and high adventure. Godwin’s characters are real people, caught up in extraordinary circumstances and set on paths they never dreamed of. Along the way, there’s courage, betrayal, blood, pain, romance, and glory.

One of the central and reoccurring themes is how people react in a given situation and why. This sets this book apart from other historical novels. The above quote is an unfortunate truth we see daily whether at the office or at a sporting event or in our friends date (never our own!). We see the above quote most clearly in our histories. Perhaps I will add my thought later on but at the moment I remain silent. Today I leave it to you the reader to decide if the above sentiment should be insult or compliment? How do you react to this statement?

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