Meditation Point #106

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He comes without lifting a foot,
Teaches without moving his tongue.
No matter how you lead the way,
There is always one you follow.
— Zen Commentary

This quote always reminds me a little of the ‘footsteps in the sand’ quote.   It is a reminder that no matter how hard we try to lead, to be on our own, we are never alone, never the best.  There is always someone better and someone who has gone before us in whose footsteps we follow.  Embracing this fact is to remove your own egotistical conceptions that you are so special.  The one thing I like about this saying more then the footsteps quote is that it does not draw a flowery picture but a realistic one.  In saying “There is always one you follow” it reminds us that our actions pay homage to any leader good or bad with each decision we make and step we take.

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