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This week we will look at what we can learn from Boxing. Boxing is a pure upper body martial art. Unlike Karate the Boxer focuses all of his attention attacks on the upper body attempting to knock out the opponent. This is both the strength and weakness of boxing. For any martial artist that has sparred with a skilled boxer you quickly learn to respect their discipline! Boxers are typically in a fight for the long haul and are conditioned for longer fights then most Martial Artists. Unlike most Martial Arts matches Boxers do not stop the round to score points thus they do not get a break leading them to be conditioned for stamina. From my experience the one area boxers excel at is maintaining a tight, protected upper body with minimal exposure to attack. Obviously kicks can give them some difficulty but I stress the word some! The biggest hurtle for the Martial Artist in a match with a boxer is not to let the boxer get a bead on them for long enough to make a strike. This of course means a lot of leg work which is another area in which Boxers excel! In all the match typically will boil down to one of skill, which fighter has more ring experience, which fighter has more stamina. The Martial Artist does have a distinct advantage if they have been trained to use it. The advantage is one of target, unlike the Boxer the whole body is our target and unlike the Boxer we have various means of attack. The other advantage is one of size, boxers depend on their size whereas Martial Artists do not. This isn’t to say that size is irrelevant but its bearing is less relevant in the Martial Arts. This means that if you have two fighters of similar experience and condition (not size) the Martial Artist should win (always expect the unexpected!).
If you have never sparred with a Boxer I highly recommend it. If I had to settle on another style to practice it would be Boxing, for the conditioning and just plain old fun of it! But for self-protection I will always stick with the Martial Arts, namely Kyokushin-Kai…OSU!!

So with that introduction and to get things going again here are Martial Thoughts after my brief extended break let’s look at two boxing techniques that can aid in the conditioning and training for the Martial Arts, their fun too!

Here is a Speed Bag How-To:

The Speed Bag is an excellent timing and speed tool regardless of your style…and fun too!

Here is a Double-end bag “Boxing” How-To:

Use the double-end bag to learn timing and coordination between your hand and your target. This How-To can be extended to your Martial Arts training by including kicks and typical Martial Arts attacks from your style.

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