Boxing versus Martial Artist

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It is one thing to talk about one style or art being better then another, it is an entirely different thing to prove it! I found this video showing two Aikido practitioners trying to see how their style would fair against a boxer. Now I do not believe either is a boxer but their style isn’t horrible. That being said pay close attention, while the Aikido practitioner has an advantage you can see several occasions when a boxer could have struck a winning blow. The Aikido practitioner’s advantage is evident in their targeting and blocking. This video demonstrates pretty well the strengths and weaknesses of both sides in this type of match. In a real fight situation it is hard say which would win but both would most likely leave the match bruised. To often Martial Artists discount non-eastern styles. They should not as this violates their very teaching, never underestimate your opponent or as I like to say never over estimate your own abilities! Both are a recipe for defeat. So watch the video and see what strengths and weaknesses you can see. But remember that these are friends fighting and you can see when they are pulling punches and being nice to each other, nothing wrong with that but be aware of it in your analysis. And kudos to the authors of the video! Post your comments and observations…

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